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Psychic Epiphanies Volume 4



The Fourth Volume of this series, John Riggs walks into the Valley of the Shadow of Mentalism and returns with a panorama of psychic routines to titilate your appetite for the unusual and bizarre.

The Final Battle:
An old Soldier faces off against the Ultimate Opponent in a game of chance. What's at stake? Everything.

No Routine for Old Men Version II:
This routine originally appeared on Psychic Epiphanies One. I thought about it and decided that it was not only possible, but easy to perform the routine with more than two bags. You could perform it with three, four, five or as many bags as you wish. And so here it is.

Reveal hidden emotional forces at work deep within a participant's subconcious mind. Okay, it's another version of Out of This World, but it uses cards with symbols and emotions printed on them instead of playing cards, so it's very strong.

Twenty Questions:
Just what it sounds like. An audience member thinks of an object and you hold a stack of YES and NO cards. You ask questions about their object to which they answer "Yes" or "No." Here's the catch: You hold up cards predicting their answers before they say it. Then at a certain point you write down your guess, and when thy name their object, it turns out you're correct. As always.

A use for the Boogie-Board that is NOT an impression device. How about that?

Sebastian Black's Holiday Card Psychometry:
A solid routine with easily-obtainable items from most gift shops, but I went ahead and created printable graphics for you.

I discussed the idea of raising blisters on a hypnotised subject before in this take it a step further and go Linda Blair with your subjects. Produce stigmatic writing on the arm of a hypnotised subject and the audience will call in the local Exorcist before you can say "Father Merrin."

Make a Wish & The Genii:
A unique item from the New Age Community combined with Mentalist wiles enables you to divine a person's wish--and in the sequel, to obtain an answer from the Spirits.

Through Time and Space Transported II:
A signed five dollar bill apparently travels back through time. And so do you.

The Cask of Nostradamus:
The contents of the missing Chest of Nostradamus opened for the first time.

Extra bonus files are on the DVD, including printable props and extras.


Psychic Epiphanies Volume 4


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